29 August 2017

Producing Heart Broken – Etana

This is one of my favourite tracks that I’ve produced. My Mum always loved the original track ‘Worth your weight in gold by Delroy wilson and i vowed that I would do a version of the instrumental and add new songs on it for her. This project was to much fun, I was in Jamaica at Anchor Studio, in the ‘Gregory Isaacs’ room, with the original Producer and my hero Gussie Clarke who allowed me the privilege of taking bits of the rhythm track from the original 2 track tape (the original Delroy wilson take was also on the tape, BIM) I replayed the drums and bass, added organs and synths around it to give it my sound, I think these changes gave the track an up to date sound as well but it was important for me to keep the original classic vibe of the track as well.  

I was recording with Etana, at the time. We had not long finished ‘August Town’ before she had to fly to America for some shows. On her return to Jamaica, I played her, my now finished, Worth Your Weight in Gold’ Instrumental. She loved it, I think we started writing lyrics to it straight away! This was a process I really enjoyed with Etana, she has so much talent and is so honest, this shows in her music. We had several conversations about relationships and life during the making of this song, the characters in the song are real, but not necessarily at the time of writing. This song is so open and honest, Its a story that starts off with missing someone, to how you feel when your around them, to then finding out the one you love has been unfaithful. So many key lines ‘You didn’t think about me, Or maybe how I would feel’ is among my favourite.

Then the delivery. What a voice, so heart felt. I believe every word she says in this tune, not because we wrote it but because she delivered every word with true feelings. Bless you Etana, and thank you. All that was left, was for me to mix it which I did back at home in England. I think this gave it that complete lovers rock sound. I hope you enjoy this tune as much as i do.

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