08 December 2016

Curtis Lynch’s Necessary Mayhem Live Youtube Dub Sessions

6 Videos, 6 Tracks, 6 Dubs, Great Reggae Music! 

Curtis has been working on an exciting new project: Curtis Lynch’s Necessary Mayhem Live Dub Session. He picked six tracks from the Necessary Mayhem vault to mix in a completely new style from the original tracks that were previously released. Among them feature vocals from Tarrus Riley, Maxi Priest, Jah Mali and more. Curtis had this to say about the upcoming series: “I’m very excited about these videos. I like watching videos like this with greats such as King Jammy in the studio creating and mixing and thought, why not? I enjoy mixing and love using new equipment, so why not do a series of videos like this.”

The first video will be released on Curtis’s birthday, December 11, and every two weeks after that we will be dropping the others, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted first! The mixes in the videos will also be available on iTunes and Spotify for you to stream.

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