04 December 2016

Don’t Call It A Come Back!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. I was thinking about setting up my own blog away from my label but then thought about it (for over two years) and decided, who cares?! As long as I’m writing, who cares where I post my stuff, as long as I can share my thoughts with peeps – and where better to do it than on my own label, where I spend most of my time anyway? So in the words of LL Cool J: ‘Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years.’

Those who know me musically know I have been really quiet this year. One album (Surreal, with Shola Ama) and a handful of singles has been most of my output this year. I haven’t been traveling or spending heaps of cash in casinos, smoking cigars, with women from every nation feeding me fruit (as good as that sounds). No, I’ve been getting my shit together! This music industry has changed. The way people listen to music, appreciate music, and even speak about music is different to me. Me complaining didn’t work, recording with new artists didn’t work, and putting stuff out didn’t work because things had changed and I was still trying to work the way I knew, the old-school way (which is still the best way, but like sweets says, ‘You gotta be trending’.) I spoke to Mr Gussie Clarke about it and in typical style he told me not to worry about it; that this happens to all creative people.

At the start of the year, I got a phone call from one of my favourite people in the world, producer and artist manager Kwame Kwaten (D’ Influenece, Shola Ama Laura Mvula), about being involved in Brotherhood, starring Noel Clarke, the last film of the Kidadulthood trilogy.I jumped at it. All of a sudden I found motivation. I did various mixes of tracks, cut parts out, added new parts in, scored music specifically for the movie. It gave me new vibes and a quote I’ve been holding onto for the last few months: ‘New Goals’.

So now I have new goals! And I think the shift in the industry for me is a blessing. I think doing same thing over and over whether I was successful with every release or not made me bored. I had to change things up in order to keep motivated, and most innovators of anything all pay tribute to that. Keep things moving, keep up the vibes, and try some new tings!

It’s great to be back!!!


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  1. Tony English

    King Curtis.The music industry is changing at a tremendous pace and those who don’t constantly reinvent themselves will find themselves sitting on the sidelines watching the world go by and wondering what happened.

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